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Gaboul Ya Haj UASP for Haj & E-umra Services ..

Global Arabian for modern Applications ltd. GAMA was established in 1993 to be one of the leaders in providing IT solutions and infrastructure For the local and regional market.

One of the projects of Global Arabian for Modern Applications Ltd GAMA is considered to be GYH UASP, as it has an independent organizational structure from the rest of the company’s business, taking into account the privacy entrusted to it.

Global Arabian for modern Applications ltd. GAMA takes the prestige of GYH, a top priority in monitoring the level of quality of services provided to its clients, through the implementation of the standards of quality certificates ISO 9001.

The fourth generation of the GYH system, which depends on the latest programming, technical and information security methods, has been launched for both the web portal and mobile applications (Android, iOS), and so GYH works to adapt the latest modern technologies in Serving its clients from Umrah companies, internal Hajj, and external agents in a manner that preserves the smoothness of their work and the accuracy of its implementation.

The family of GYH, gives a high priority to the continuous knowledge training for its clients, whether this training is concerned with explaining the instructions, regulations and procedural regulations approved by the competent authorities or to explain the technical and software systems used and what is being done to update or upgrade their functional characteristics, and for that was launched Cognitive training center to GYH.